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Use cases for data virtualisation II: data services & integrated customer picture

Data virtualisation technology is developing rapidly. Until recently, we relied on the traditional duplication of data for data integration applications. A data virtualisation platform makes it possible to integrate data sources and to unlock such data sources in real time, without duplicating the data, irrespective of the structure, technology or location. The result is a virtual data hub that supplies uniform data services to business applications and users, without the need to know the technical details, such as location and format.

In this webinar, we will take 30 minutes to elaborate on two of the four most important application areas for data virtualisation:

  1. Fast development and connection of data services.
  2. The creation of one integrated customer picture that can be used by all business applications.
  3. Offering speed and flexibility to business intelligence users (Agile BI).
  4. Rapid integration of big data and cloud source systems.

The first two points were dealt with in detail in the webinar on 15 June 2017. The follow-up webinar, on 14 September 2017, elaborated on points 3 and 4.

The webinar has since taken place. Did you miss it? You can view it here.