Smart Analytics
Free your data! With self-service data preparation

Innovative insights are usually obtained when you can work creatively with various data sources, without impediments. By that, we don’t merely imply analysing data sets that IT experts have prepared for you, but instead, unlocking and combining new and existing data sources at your own discretion.

Independently analysing data using analysis tools and interactive dashboards is already quite commonplace in many companies. Therefore, the free combination and preparation of data happens to an increasing extent. Tools for self-service data preparation are developing rapidly, which means that integrating and manipulating (big) data is no longer reserved strictly for the data engineers and ETL experts.

This opens a world of possibilities for the people who know best which data adds value: the business user who comes up with new questions every day. Whether, as a marketing analyst, you want to combine Google Analytics data with order details from your data warehouse, or whether, as a business controller, you want to use data from the CBS to enable you to better predict possible risks for your clients. All of this is possible with the technology that’s available today.

In this webinar, we discuss the most recent developments in self-service data preparation and show you how these developments can be applied in your organisation. Naturally, we demonstrate how easily, with the right tools on hand, the end user can unlock, combine and prepare data for analyses.

The webinar has since taken place. Did you miss it? You can view it here.