Smart Analytics
Data science, from the classroom to the real world

Lately, data science ‘playgrounds’ have been popping up in companies, to an increasing extent. Places in the organisation where smart young people – usually recent graduates brimming with enthusiasm – search for usable insights in data from inside and outside the company. The most advanced mathematical models are dug up to give business users that elusive crystal ball.

The expectations are high, but the results are not that awesome. Data science companies appear unruly in actual practice, and the knowledge acquired at educational institutions is very far removed from reality. Data sets are not as orderly as they were in the classroom and there are no high-performance clusters on which to test your models. Companies are also unsure if the role should be encompassed with the IT department or the business. To aggravate the situation, the communication with analysts and business people is very cumbersome.

During the webinar, we explain, in half an hour, how to take data science to a higher, professional level in your organisation. Moving away from the tests and pilots, and on to serious projects. With data scientists who connect with the rest of the organisation. The most important part: the results are real.

The webinar has since taken place. Did you miss it? You can view it by clicking below: