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Chalk Talk: Enterprise Data Marketplace – focus on what’s available, not on what’s demanded!

Discover what makes a data marketplace different from a data warehouse in 45 minutes

Data’s role in your organisation is growing, and the demand for information products is increasing dramatically. This is causing a shift from demand-driven business intelligence (BI) to a supply-driven approach. IT departments face the challenge of having to get data and information products ready, for internal and external users, before the demand develops. In other words, no longer waiting until the business presents a request for information but being ahead of the game by offering information products that meet users’ needs. Without data roaming around the organisation uncontrolled and creating multiple versions of the truth.

That’s an impossible task with a traditional data warehouse, where everything is set up to wait for the request for information from the business. The Enterprise Data Marketplace (EDM) throws this way of thinking overboard. In an EDM, data is already available before it’s requested. Data engineers coordinate a wide selection of data products like reports, files, integrable KPIs or data streams. Users shop for information that they can and are allowed to use, from the available products.

During this Chalk Talk Rick van der Lans demonstrates how to develop a data marketplace, as an organisation, and you learn how to integrate an EDM with an existing data warehouse. Rick will explain which challenges you’ll face and how to deal with them.

Please be aware the language of this Chalk Talk is Dutch