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Many organisations are still empty-handed when it comes to the promise of big data. Big data is mostly reserved for specialists, and the integration with data warehouses and BI solutions lacks in these organisations. Often, organisations use a separate data lake so big data can be combined and analysed fast. However, many companies are looking for ways to integrate the worlds of BI and big data into one architecture. So big data can be integrated into existing BI solutions, easily and lightning-fast (with ‘data lake performance’). A data virtualisation platform provides the ideal solution for this.

Jonathan Wisgerhof and Michael van Adrichem explain how data virtualisation and big data go hand in hand, without jeopardising performance. With the emphasis on ‘smart retrieval rather than on collecting everything’. Jonathan and Michael show us how the functionalities of a data virtualisation platform, such as ‘big data as a data source’, ‘big data as a cache’ and ‘big data as a processing engine’ (MPP query acceleration) help you to quickly and easily integrate big data and data lakes into your existing BI environment.

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