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This is how you create a visually attractive dashboard!

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Dashboards are essential if you want to convert valuable data into useful insights. Even so, many organisations aren’t taking full advantage of their dashboards’ possibilities. In the development phase, the focus is often on the dashboard’s technical aspects. These aspects are certainly important, but it’s essential that you make the dashboard attractive and accessible. Users respond to dashboards that look good and navigate easily. They quickly lose interest if the dashboard has no specific focus, contains too much information or uses disruptive colours.

Chris Bogers and Coen Rispens explain how to create visually attractive and functional dashboards. During the webinar, they will give you practical tips on how to create visually attractive dashboards. How do your users look at dashboards? How do you ensure an optimal user experience? How do you create a logical and visually attractive dashboard?

In the span of half an hour, they will give you all the pointers you need to get started. You will learn about the graphic requirements for a good dashboard, so your users actually end up using your dashboard in their daily tasks. What are the do’s and don’ts of dashboarding? How do you ensure straightforward navigation? Which types of graphs work, and which don’t? You’ll discover this, and more, during the webinar!

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