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How mature is your office of finance? – The Smart Finance Maturity Model

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Many finance departments are in the middle of a major transition. In the past, the main focus was on financial reporting and compliance, but that’s not enough nowadays. Organisations expect an office of finance that identifies opportunities and substantiates strategic decisions with valuable information. Finance must anticipate and respond, in a faster and smarter way, to laws and regulations that grow ever stricter, and bring the story behind the numbers to life through analyses.

This demands major changes with respect to the personnel, the organisation, the processes and the technology. However, many organisations look for the solution solely in new technologies, only adjust their financial processes, or devote all efforts to expanding their employees’ knowledge and expertise. To create a successful office of finance, it is essential that your organisation gives careful thought to how to develop in the best way in every area, at every step of the transition. To do so, however, you must first know where you’re currently at as a finance department. But, how do you determine your finance department’s maturity?

Rutger van den Berg and Joris van den Boogaard answer this question and go into detail about the Smart Finance Maturity Model. During the webinar, they explain how to set the right priorities to take your finance department to a higher level, based on this model. They tell you about the areas in which finance can develop and how these areas are interconnected. You will then also learn how to use the Smart Finance Maturity Model to arrive at a roadmap, so you can establish strategic initiatives.

In short, do you want to know where your finance department stands, and in which areas you must develop? In that case, you absolutely shouldn’t miss this webinar!