Smart Analytics
Analytics only really becomes self-service with Alteryx

Alteryx is a tool that brings the world of data blending and data science together, in one solution. Alteryx software gives users the tools to create a repeatable workflow, in a comprehensible manner, for the collection, integration and enrichment of data from all possible data sources. And, to then analyse the data using the most diverse models. All this, without any programming! Jorus van Erkel and Cor Bonda will use a demo to show you how Alteryx helps users arrive at new insights, fast.

In this webinar, they explain how easy it is to prepare data and manage models – from testing to acceptance and production – and to roll these models out. They demonstrate this by means of a workflow in which they load data, combine various data sources, explore data, prepare data and create a model.

You’ll be up to date in 30 minutes! Please be aware the language of this webinar is Dutch.