Smart Finance
Driver based forecasting with IBM Planning Analytics

Budgeting and forecasting were traditionally carried out by the financial department. Many businesses switched to driver-based budgeting & forecasting, to get the business more involved in this process. In most cases, based on Excel spreadsheets in which the departments substantiate their budgets and forecasts based on the business drivers that are important for them. Managing and maintaining all these spreadsheets is not a simple task and is also error-prone. Also, extracting a consolidated budget (or forecast) from all that data is a massive job.

IBM Planning Analytics helps businesses to manage all information on budgets and forecasts in one central location. Moreover, budget keepers can use self-defined business drivers to turn a budget into a forecast. Real-time financial conversion, consolidation and reporting of the figures then takes place.

During this 30-minute webinar, we will show you how driver-based budgeting & forecasting works and how to implement it in IBM Planning Analytics. We will also show you how to easily create reports, analyses and dashboards.

The webinar on ‘Driver-based forecasting with IBM Planning Analytics’ has since taken place. Did you miss it? You can view it here.