The Kadenza Academy

An employer with its own training institute, devoted entirely to your profession and your personal development. Does this even exist? Yes! At Kadenza! Whats more, at Kadenza you wont even have to invest your own personal time at the Academy. All training programmes at the Kadenza Academy take place during office hours.

Utilising potential

We believe that we can only excel in our profession if we utilise the potential of all employees to the maximum. This is only possible if we devote time to training and personal development on a structural and long-term basis. We dont merely focus on professional subject matter, but also and in particular on behaviour and skills. After all, it is this precise combination that enables Kadenza consultants to be so successful with our clients on a daily basis.

Personal adventure

The Kadenza Academy includes a monthly recurring training programme for Kadenza employees who are looking for knowledge, inspiration, motivation, personal development and new insights. Learning at the Academy is to discover unsuspected talents in yourself, to improve skills and acquire new, surprising perspectives. However, learning at the Academy also involves acquiring new insights regarding your own behaviour and unlearning certain behaviour that makes you less effective. At the Academy you will learn from and with your colleagues, in particular. This turns the learning process into a personal adventure, resulting in insight, progress and innovation.

Learning objectives

The Kadenza Academy focuses on three important learning objectives:

  • Improvement of behaviour and skills
  • Learning more about clients’ challenges and business operations
  • Acquiring the latest knowledge in our field of expertise

The Academys exact annual programme depends on the feedback received from clients, the needs of employees, and Kadenzas vision for the future. The programme consists of a large number of tracks divided into a number of modules. Kadenza employees aren’t the only ones teaching at the Academy; external experts and clients of Kadenza also teach. The training takes place during office hours, for the most part.


Here are just a few of the topics that will be covered in Kadenza Academy 15/16:

  • Programme management
  • Advisory skills
  • Interview- and presentation techniques
  • Agile working
  • Finance for consultants
  • Ethics and privacy
  • Logical data warehouse
  • Self-service BI coaching
  • BI to the cloud

View the report on a day of learning at the Kadenza Academy: