Tableau is the software that is used most frequently for data discovery and visualisation. Anyone can analyse, visualise and share data with Tableau. Even without help from IT experts. Super-fast and super easy. Kadenza will help you to integrate Tableau in your organisation, in a controllable manner, and to get the best out of this amazing software.

Visualisation works

Kadenza believes in visualisation. A picture can say more than a thousand words We help you to tell the stories that are hidden in your data, with the use of the most effective visualisations. Whether it involves financial information for the annual report, interactive dashboards, or the analysis of big data with the aim of predicting client behaviour, with Tableau we can find all the trends and correlations hidden in your data. With visualisations that give you the insights that you have been searching for, literally for years, at a glance. With intuitive software that you can let loose on your own data in the wink of an eye.

Download the free trial version of Tableau and try it for yourself!

Tableau software

With Tableau you will get more results for less effort. It is faster, easier and nicer than traditional business intelligence software. Gartner has named Tableau leader in Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for four consecutive years. Tableau gives you an immediate answer to all your ad-hoc queries and gives you the possibility of analysing and visualising all your data, irrespective of the format and location. You can easily combine your visualisations in interactive dashboards, so you can share them with your colleagues. Get going right away, without technical knowledge or experience. Kadenza is one of Tableau’s partners.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is the software that is used most frequently for data analyses and visualisation. Why? Because it is more versatile, faster and more intuitive than classic BI tools.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server is the future of visual analytics via web and mobile devices. Access to your analyses and dashboards, always and everywhere, via any device. For data from every type of data source, irrespective of the location. The performance of ad-hoc analyses, live collaboration with colleagues, and sharing of visualisations and dashboards. Tableau Server helps you do these things.