Snowflake is one of the most successful SQL database servers. Built in the cloud, from the ground up. Or, in their own words: the only data warehouse built for the cloud. With Snowflake, Kadenza offers organisations data warehousing and big data solutions that are highly scalable, affordable and easy to manage. Snowflake is available for Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Organisations need a solution that enables them to store, process and analyse large volumes of data, much faster and easier. However, without the costs and complexity that often go hand in hand with traditional data warehouses and big data solutions. Snowflake presents the solution with a new SQL data warehouse in the cloud; designed with a patented architecture for all types of data and analytics.

Data warehouse-as-a-service

Snowflake is a zero-management data warehouse-as-a-service in the cloud. This software makes manual work superfluous. Snowflake manages everything automatically, from infrastructure and optimisation to availability and data protection. Therefore, organisations can concentrate on using the data rather than managing it.

Snowflake was developed to provide speed, even when it involves the most complex analytic workloads. Snowflake processes queries and tasks faster than on-premise- and other cloud data warehouses. The unique database engine uses advanced optimisations to process large volumes of data efficiently. In other words, organisations always enjoy the best performance.

Easy up- and down-scaling

Snowflake’s unique architecture separates computing power from storage, so organisations can up- and down-scale quickly, without delays or disruptions. Scale up automatically, to support any volume of data, workloads, users and applications, without having to move or copy data.

Supports all data

Snowflake supports all types of data, from traditional databases to big data sources, without cumbersome transformations and trade-offs. Snowflake’s technology optimises structured and semi-structured data as well as JSON, Avro or XML and makes this data available via SQL without sacrificing on performance or flexibility.

Kadenza & Snowflake

Kadenza helps companies to make optimum use of Snowflake’s possibilities. As the designated partner in the Netherlands, we have the knowledge and experience when it comes to Snowflake, Microsoft Azure and AWS, enabling us to support organisations in finding the right solution, to implement this solution, and to maintain it.

What benefits will a data warehouse in the cloud afford your organisation?

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