In recent years, Microsoft has unleashed a true revolution with a fully integrated platform for business intelligence, in a very competitive licence model, with the possibility to work entirely or partially in the cloud. With Power BI, Microsoft provides an impressive and intuitive product with which to analyse and visualise data from all possible data sources. With a large team of Microsoft specialists, Kadenza helps you to choose the Microsoft technology that is best suited to your organisation. Our model-driven approach for data warehousing connects seamlessly to Microsoft’s SQL Server technology.

Power BI

Microsoft’s flagship business intelligence service is Power BI. A very powerful tool for data discovery. You can analyse data from any data source, in the wink of an eye, and the powerful visualisation possibilities help you in your search for meaningful correlations and trends. You can easily generate well-organised dashboards, so you can share them with your colleagues. The consultants at Kadenza are experts in data visualisation and will help you get the most out of your data with Power BI. They understand the challenges that your organisation faces, better than anyone else, and apply these aspects in useful analyses. What if the best visualisation for your data does not yet exist? Then we will custom build it for you.

power bi

SQL Server

SQL Server forms the basis for Microsoft’s business intelligence platform. With integrated functionality for data integration (Integration Services), reporting (Reporting Services) and analysis (Analysis Services), referred to in short as SSIS, SSRS and SSAS. In combination with Power BI, Microsoft thus provides a complete solution for data warehousing, data governance, self-service analytics and visualisation. In a very attractive and scalable licence model with many predefined functionalities and practices. Microsoft becomes a very attractive option for all your business intelligence requests, together with Kadenza’s model-driven approach, where we generate the required code based on your data warehouse’s design.


In recent years, Microsoft has expanded its selection by including cloud computing. The SQL DWH runs in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. A highly scalable, high-performance database that is ideal for big data analysis. Supplemented with Data Factory for data management and the cloud version of Power BI, this supplies a very powerful, 100% cloud-based solution for business intelligence and data warehousing. Where you are always assured of the latest technological innovations. Would you rather not move to the cloud entirely (just yet)? In that case, simply opt for a hybrid solution. Part of your data is then stored locally, and part of it in Azure. Or all of your data is stored locally, but Power BI runs in the cloud. All of it is possible. Our team of Microsoft experts will gladly help you to make choices and to migrate or implement your analytics solutions.


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More than tools

Kadenza is one of Microsoft’s partners, and we have a fast-growing team of Microsoft experts. At the same time, we realise that tools alone cannot provide the solution to your problem. Our consultants therefore also have knowledge of your business and the challenges that you face. Moreover, they can help to structure your organisation in such a way that data and data analysis are truly assigned a central role in your business. So you can make the right decisions at any given time, and always maintain a competitive edge. We will gladly talk to you about how we can support you in this respect.