Denodo is the market leader in data virtualisation software, and is also the only supplier that is 100% specialised in data virtualisation. With the Denodo Platform, Kadenza helps businesses to make data available for analysis and visualisation, faster and at a lower cost.

Kadenza and Denodo

Kadenza is Denodo’s exclusive partner for the Benelux, and helps businesses to implement the Denodo Platform, aiming to give data an even more pronounced place in the beating heart of their organisation. Denodo’s software, along with the years of experience at Kadenza, guarantee successful implementation of a logical data warehouse, the smart integration of big data, and the effective support of self-service analytics. The consultants at Kadenza will help you in setting up the Denodo Platform so it works best for your particular situation.

Jeroen Blankendaal, Managing Director, Kadenza: “Through our partnership with Denodo, we here at Kadenza reinforce our vision that data should be a guiding principle in any organisation. However, in order for this to happen, the organisation must have a modern IT architecture with maximum flexibility. We opted for the Denodo Platform because of the optimal connectivity with every type of data source and the excellent performance and scalability.’

Faster and at a lower cost

The Denodo Platform for data virtualisation makes it possible to integrate data sources and to unlock such data sources in real-time, without duplicating the data – irrespective of the structure, technology or location. The unlocking of new data and the implementation of changes are about ten times faster and cost about half of what one would pay for traditional solutions. The Denodo Platform gives users an unequivocal, integrated view of all available information, along with the ease of freely being able to choose the software for analysis and visualisation.


Denodo provides all functionalities for data virtualisation, integrated in one single product with a simple architecture. The software is scalable from smaller environments to more complex, company-wide and business-critical implementations, and from a single data centre to geographically-distributed infrastructures. The Denodo Platform provides impressive performance with intelligent functionalities for pushdown query optimisation, advanced multi-mode caching and workload management. Various field tests have demonstrated that the Denodo Platform can process enormous volumes of data, anywhere up to four million queries per day, and can handle 1600 simultaneous users.



Denodo’s software includes universal connectors for every type of data source. Whether it involves relational databases, Hadoop, NoSQL, streaming data, files, web services, web data, documents or email. If a data source is not supported ‘out of the box’, developers can easily develop a custom connector with the plug-in and SDK. The Denodo Platform’s Publish Layer ensures simple and secure access to the data for analysis and visualisation software, web portals and business applications, without the need for meta-data to be copied. The platform naturally supports protocols such as ODBC, JDBC, web services and HTML.
Denodo architectuur