The Board platform is an integrated solution for business intelligence, corporate performance management and analytics. It offers an end-to-end solution for Smart Finance; locally or in the cloud. From consolidation and financial planning to what-if scenarios and predictive modelling. With Board, Kadenza helps companies to organise and automate financial processes in a smarter way, and to tell the story behind the numbers, using smart analyses, visualisations and predictions. We call this Smart Finance.


Kadenza is Board’s strategic partner. We provide advice on how to optimally set up the software and help you to implement Board. Moreover, we know that software alone is not the solution. With us, optimisation of your financial processes and coaching of your employees are inextricably linked to implementation of the software.

Erik Leene, Director Innovations at Kadenza: ‘With Board’s fully integrated and incredibly intuitive platform for reporting, dashboarding, analytics and forecasting, we can offer our clients an end-to-end solution for Smart Finance’

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Board Kadenza partner


Board offers companies a solution for all aspects of the financial process, in one integrated platform. Basic functionalities for financial control: consolidation of all relevant data, budgeting, financial reporting, analysis and fast close. As well as all options for management control: forecasting, what-if analysis and self-service analytics and visualisation. Board’s analysis possibilities have expanded significantly, to include options for simulation models, predictive analytics and data discovery. Information can be shared with the rest of the organisation, via reports, dashboards and scorecards.

All the information on Board’s functionality is available here.

Board partner Kadenza


Board can be installed locally, but can also be used in the cloud. The Board platform’s architecture is scalable for local applications, right up to large-scale, international applications. The platform offers extensive possibilities for data security and data governance. From one central repository, all measures, dimensions and hierarchies can be reused, allowing one to generate new analyses and reports with exceptional speed. The platform also offers extensive development possibilities with which to achieve specific customised solutions for your organisation, scalable to every possible device.


Board partner Kadenza


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