Collecting and preparing data for analysis and visualisation is often a complex and time-consuming task. Marketing, sales and finance analysts often spend so much time preparing the necessary data sets, that hardly any time is left for the actual analysis. Alteryx is the ultimate tool to help data analysts create a repeatable workflow, easily and independently, without intervention from IT experts, for preparing, combining and analysing data sets. This method of data blending results in an enormous time savings when preparing data.

Kadenza and Alteryx

By means of smart data analysis, companies must constantly anticipate and respond to changes faster, in order to gain and maintain a competitive edge, while the data sources required for analysis keep getting more cursory. Traditional business intelligence solutions are no longer able to keep up with the rapid information need changes. As the Preferred Partner of Alteryx, we help companies to truly interpret self-service analytics. After all, ‘self-service’ is only really a fact when users are able to collect and prepare data much faster, for analysis and visualisation, instead of just being able to analyse data independently.

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Data blending

Preparing data sets is an essential, yet often underexposed component when it comes to data analysis and data visualisation, even though analysis is useless if the underlying data is not available completely or on time. Collecting, combining and enriching data from various data sources is a time-consuming process for many users. They often have to make do with spreadsheets and carry out specific actions, again and again.

The software from Alteryx gives users the tools to create a repeatable workflow, in a comprehensible manner, for the collection, integration and enrichment of data from all possible data sources. All this, without any programming! With Alteryx:

  • you have easy access to all relevant data, including geographic and location data
  • you can easily retrieve and clean data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets and other data sources
  • you can easily repair and ‘mix’ the correct data sets for analysis and visualisation, with tools for data quality, integration, transformation and (statistical) analysis


Alteryx Designer gives users a vast number of tools to choose from for processing and enriching data, in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Just a glimpse of the possibilities:

  • Input / Output: approach data sources from all possible locations and from all possible data sources and create output files in many different formats
  • Preparation: process and combine data via the drag-and-drop interface, without SQL knowledge and without complex formulas
  • Join: combine (blend) data sets and data sources using different techniques, irrespective of the structure and format
  • Predictive: analyse and enrich data with more than 30 tools for predictive analytics, grouping and forecasting
  • Spatial: process geographic and location data and combine this information with other internal and external data sources
  • Investigation: view and investigate data in detail while you are in the preparatory phase
  • Parse & transform: use various tools to change the structure and format of your data

Read about the possibilities of Alteryx designer here in detail.


Alteryx partner Kadenza

Self service analytics

You need rich, well-structured data sets to achieve excellent analysis and visualisation results. This is why Alteryx is the perfect addition to self-service analytics tools. With Alteryx you can create a repeatable workflow easily, without intervention from IT, in order to generate the required data sets. Results can easily be converted to the desired format (like a Tableau data extract, for example), to make reading in easy in self-service analytics tools. Not only does this mean you have better data available, faster, but in addition you can now spend your time on what really matters: analysis and visualisation of the data.


Alteryx partner Kadenza