Smart businesses operate on data

The world is changing at a terrifying pace and data quantities are growing exponentially. Kadenza gives businesses a helping hand in the complex world of big data, predictive analytics, visualisation and (financial) reporting. We know better than anyone else how you must organise your business in order to get the maximum out of the available data.

New game rules

Businesses have more and more data available for analysis. Data within the organisation, but also data in external data sources. Structured data and data in the form of text, images, video etc. Increasingly more devices and sensors generated data at an incredible pace. Correlations and trends are hidden within all this data, and could help businesses and people make more informed decisions, gain new insights and anticipate opportunities and threats faster. This is critical in a world where new earning models develop at a terrifying pace and the risk is always present that pioneering newcomers will change the game rules entirely. While, on the other hand, the requirements for data governance keep getting more stringent. Information must still be reliable, traceable, and properly automated.

Data as the driving force

We turn (big) data into the driving force for your business processes. We put data into the heart of your organisation and help you with smart integration and analysis of the data, by way of powerful visualisations, for instance. We don’t just help you with a strategic vision for a data-driven approach, we also lend you a helping hand to convert this into a roadmap to make the vision operational. Moreover, we can tell you exactly which organisational changes to implement, in order for your business to remain up-to-date. This gives you the insights to be able to constantly move along with the world around you and to get a grip on the future. This way you catch on to trends and correlations and are able to respond adequately.

Independent of the technology

Nobody wants to be strapped down to today’s technological choices forever. After all, you want to be able to make optimal use of the opportunities offered by new technology. Kadenza’s solutions are always flexibly expandable, independent of technology. Do you want to switch your database or ETL supplier at a later stage? Do you want to migrate to the cloud entirely or to a partial extent? Or do you want to utilise the possibilities of new analysis and visualisation software? We make sure that this is possible and simple. After all, it is data that we put into the heart of your organisation, not technology.

Getting value out of data

Merely organising data and making data available will not get you where you want to be. Kadenza therefore helps the users in your organisation to discover more in their data, and to understand correlations and trends. Without help from IT experts. We make sure that the data is given the chance to tell the stories that are hidden within. Proper combination, analysis and visualisation of data helps one to recognise patterns and make smart decisions.

Central organisation

Data governance is more important than ever. The organisation of your data and meta-data is therefore always our point of departure. We subsequently automate your entire data management system, to the greatest extent possible. No matter where the information is located, it is always clear where the underlying data comes from, who the owner is, and which processing actions have taken place. You therefore always have access to correct, reliable and secure information.