Logical Data Warehouse
Report: On the way to information agility

The information needs of organisations change just as rapidly as the world in which we live. It must be possible to access new data (sources) – including non-relational, cloud and real-time data – with the push of a button, but that is not (no longer) possible with classic data warehouse architecture. A recognisable problem for the more than 75 visitors to the Kadenza Get Connected seminar on 8 December 2016.

Three inspiring speakers gave the visitors a glimpse of the theory and actual practice of the logical data warehouse and data virtualisation. Rick van der Lans explained that it is no longer necessary to replicate all your data in a data warehouse, but that many data sources are accessed more easily via a data virtualisation platform. An architecture which can be structured in a highly evolutionary way, where your existing physical data warehouse can fit in seamlessly.

Kishan Shri from the Erasmus Medical Centre shared his experiences with the realisation of a data warehouse as a foundation for a data-driven hospital, and Jonathan Wisgerhof from Kadenza showed us, in a live demo, how fast and flexible it is to work with a data virtualisation platform like Denodo.

Really interesting. Our users can no longer wait weeks or months for data to be available for analysis. It has to happen much faster. Today I witnessed that a logical data warehouse offers this speed.

To date, I was rather sceptical about data virtualisation, but today I witnessed how powerful the technology is and how major the advantages are in terms of management and development speed. Our organisation will definitely be using this!

Rick van der Lans is an authority in the field of data warehousing, business intelligence, data virtualisation and database technology. He has sold more than 100,000 copies of his books internationally. Rick explains what a logical data warehouse is – in an inspiring way – as well as the advantages offered by it, and how to incorporate it into your existing architecture.

Kishan Shri is a BI Consultant and Scrum Master at Erasmus Medical Centre, an organisation with an ambition to develop into a data-driven hospital. The Erasmus MC opted for a logical data warehouse, in view of the major and varied dynamics associated with the information needs and with the arrival of a new Electronic Patient File (Dutch: Elektronisch Patiënten Dossier). Kishan explains how they go about working on this ambition and shares his experiences.

Jonathan Wisgerhof is a Senior Consultant at Kadenza and advises companies on the realisation of their big data architecture. He was behind the strategic partnership between Kadenza and Denodo, global leader in data virtualisation software. Jonathan demonstrates the power and simplicity of a data virtualisation platform and the realisation of a logical data warehouse.