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Innovation Series: Data Visualisation with D3.JS

With the explosive growth in data volumes, the need for smart data visualisation has increased dramatically. However, visualisation of the trends and correlations in big data is no longer strictly reserved for business intelligence experts. The demand for (real-time) tailor-made applications means that visualisation is shifting increasingly towards the playing field of software developers. After all, there is a reason for the increase in the number of (open source) software libraries for visualisation.




Are you a software developer or BI specialist and are you working with data visualisation or would like more information on it? Feel free to register for the innovation series that will take place on 17 January 2017! That evening we will look under the bonnet of the available software libraries, visualisation tools and APIs. Experienced visualisation experts will demonstrate how to build the best applications for data visualisation.

Mirjam Leunissen is the owner of Dutch Data Design. She creates interactive data displays for newspapers, magazines and government agencies. She has worked as a data visualisation developer for Volkskrant since 2015. Mirjam will show us examples of visualisations and will share her experiences with D3.js, highcharts and fusion tables.

Mark van Zandwijk and Stjepan Stanić work as consultants at Kadenza. They have extensive experience with data visualisation tools like Tableau, Qlik and Power BI, but also with accessing data through C# and Java, and front-end development with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, TypeScript and AngularJS. They will show us how both worlds meet and how one can build amazing applications through smart use of the available APIs.


17.00 Reception and dinner
18.00 Data visualisation for exploration and communication (Mirjam Leunissen)
19.00  Intermission
19.30 Working with data visualisation APIs (Mark van Zandwijk & Stjepan Stanic)
20.30  Networking drink

Location: Ernst Sillem Hoeve, Den Dolder