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Innovation series

Getting acquainted with the latest technology for big data analytics was the idea behind the Boot Camp on 7 June, which was arranged by Kadenza and IBM. More than 45 interested parties attended the Boot Camp in B. Amsterdam, a special office building housing the largest start-up ecosystem in Europe.

Data preparation

The participants were able to work with a UEFA data set containing information on Champions League matches, in search of special and unexpected correlations. Before they could actually get started, the data had to be uploaded to DashDB, IBM’s cloud data warehouse, and prepared for analysis. A decent replication of the analytics practice, where data preparation easily comprises 80% of the work.


With the data in DashDB, it then became possible to analyse the data, with IBM Watson Analytics, and to visualise the results of the analyses. Which factors influence the winning or losing aspect of a match? Or, does the number of goals have an influence on how the soccer match is perceived?

An educational and inspirational evening that once again showed how rapidly the field of self-service analytics is evolving.

Also want to get acquainted with the world of smart data? Come to one or our next editions of the Kadenza Innovation Series!