Data in the beating heart of your organisation

It is our passion to turn your organisation into a truly data-driven organisation. So you always have reliable information, allowing you to make informed decisions, and you always maintain a competitive edge because you are able to anticipate and respond to new opportunities and threats.

Working together

We work day and night to bring the brightest people together to resolve complex information issues, on and off the beaten path. We also focus constantly on training, innovation and knowledge sharing in interaction with colleagues, clients, partners and the outside world. We do this at our own Academy, for example. Our goal in this case is to get people and organisations to constantly exceed their own expectations.

Erik Leene, Director Innovations: ‘Kadenza stands for genuine interest, collaboration and passion for the profession. We always aim for the best result, filled with anticipation. As curious as we are, we always look for new and better ways to help our clients get ahead.’


We help you to put data into the beating heart of your organisation. Our employees guide and support you in the transition to a smart, data-driven organisation. We advise you in connection with the organisational and technical changes that are required for this purpose. Together with you we implement and manage your data platform and the required applications for reporting, (predictive) analysis and visualisation. Here you will find the best experts and years of experience under one roof.


Knowledge and experience alone are not enough to ensure success. We give our clients a competitive edge because we are able to build bridges in the data-driven organisation, better than anyone else. Bridges between business and IT. Between technology and user. And between the financial function and the rest of the organisation. This is how we link all components of your organisation to form a single, successfully collaborating entirety.


We don’t embark on risky projects, but warrant certainty in advance! We are able to convey the results in a tangible and specific way, before we actually start. With a realistic proof of concept and a crystal clear quotation. We provide you with certainty in terms of costs, lead times and results, before you assign your project to us.


If you opt for Kadenza, our ‘accelerators’ will be part of the package! After all, the experience that we have acquired is incorporated into tools, methods and reusable knowledge. This gives you a competitive edge, even beforehand; up to 50% in terms of time savings for design, implementation and testing.