Landal GreenParks: an unforgettable holiday!

Landal GreenParks is market leader in the management, administration and rental of holiday parks. The company manages more than 14,000 holiday cottages located in nine countries, in 86 parks characterised by tranquillity, open spaces and nature. With roughly 3,000 employees, Landal receives nearly 2.5 million guests per year. In 2016, the company won the Dutch Zoover Awards in the category ‘Best Holiday Parks in the Netherlands’.

The situation  
Difficulty communicating with guests in a more relevant and more personalised way, because of insufficient insight into the behaviour of guests.

The solution
Analysing and predicting the behaviour of guests, based on an integrated data warehouse.

The result  
Satisfied guests who return.

Personal and relevant

Customer experience is of the essence at Landal. Booking a holiday cottage, the anticipation, the stay at the park and the enjoyment afterwards, everything must be pleasurable. Relevance and personal- and timely communication during the customer journey play a major role in this. Providing good advice or a suitable offer, solicited or unsolicited, whether the guest communicates via the website, the call centre or through an employee at the park. In combination with a highly varied selection of accommodation, a holiday experience starts that leaves guests coming back in all their life phases.

Harriet van der Winden Landal GreenParks‘We don’t rent out cottages. We arrange unforgettable holidays!’
Harriet van der Winden, Director IT

Predictive insights

To serve guests in the best way possible, knowledge is required of the guest and his or her history, the preferences and behaviour of specific guest groups and the causes for complaints. Knowledge hidden within data that is scattered across many IT systems. Data on website visits, marketing campaigns, bookings, invoices and payments. But also, data on the parks, the availability of the cottages, visitor behaviour, complaints and evaluations. In addition, external data – like the weather and unstructured information – from social media sources, for example, are very valuable. Only by combining and analysing all the data will one obtain the predictive insights that are needed for a perfect experience at the parks.

A strong basis

Landal therefore established a new data warehouse, together with Kadenza. The flexibility to add all types of data sources, fast, was the main starting point. ‘We first wanted to have the basis, the engine, in good working order’ explains Harriet van der Winden, Director IT at Landal. ‘See it as a power plug to which each data source can easily be connected, irrespective of the scope or format. This also applies when it involves data from smart sensors or iBeacons, amongst other things.’ A Scrum team consisting of Landal and Kadenza employees is constantly expanding the data warehouse. A shippable product is supplied every three weeks, so that new data is always available for analysis. Harriet: ‘The business units determine which data is important. Our task is to add the data quickly.’

Rick Spaans Landal GreenParks‘We want a personal, relevant, real-time interaction with our guests. Through each communication channel.’
Rick Spaans, Director Knowledge Center Landal GreenParks


Use of this gold mine of data is not just reserved for specialists at Landal. Consultants at Kadenza are helping the company to make the transition towards self-service analytics. ‘We want to give more and more employees the tools to get usable insights out of the data,’ explains Rick Spaans. As Director Knowledge Centre at Landal, he is responsible for the commercial information provision. ‘Apart from reports and dynamic dashboards, we give people the opportunity to conduct in-depth analyses, independently, based on their specific role and knowledge.’ Analyses that lead to better offers, smarter campaigns, better evaluations or new product forms.

Experimental analyses

More than 65% of the people who visit a Landal park booked their holiday online. ‘We have made substantial investments to ensure that our website handles the booking process just as intelligently as our contact centre employees’, explains Harriet van der Winden. ‘That’s only possible if all the information on a guest can be consulted in a fast and integrated manner.’ Experimental analyses are already being done at the Knowledge Centre to smartly formulate the next best actions for guests. However, the new data warehouse is not aimed exclusively at marketing & sales. The same data also forms the basis for management accounting, revenue forecasting and compliance reports, and for KPI dashboards for operations at the parks and HRM, for example.

Richard Pieterse Landal GreenParks‘Soon, we will also be adding data from the guest’s personal website environment. This will enable us to provide guests with even more tailor-made service.’
Richard Pieterse, Manager IT Development

No chaos

With information from dozens of data sources and employees who analyse data independently, the likelihood of chaos soon lurks. That’s why Landal and Kadenza paid constant attention to ownership of data, data definitions and scalability. Richard Pieterse, Manager IT Development, was involved in the establishment of the new data warehouse from the start. ‘Apart from the technical aspects, we also paid close attention to the organisational aspects, resulting in a definition board that is responsible for all data definitions in a well-thought-out project organisation.’ The solution also takes into account the various requirements of the target groups. ‘For compliance reports, the emphasis is on reliability and traceability, whereas the focus for self-service analytics is on speed and flexibility,’ explains Richard.

The name that Landal chose for its business intelligence solution shows the company’s ambition for the wealth of data: LIKE! Landal – Inform – Know – Execute!